Business IT Solution

VirtualCNS Small Business program is the recommended plan by our engineers because it offers the most efficient infrastructure to our customers while reducing the overall cost of the implementation and monthly maintenance. This program is designed to small businesses with 2 computers or more, and includes the protection of all your technology in-house such as servers, routers, switches and any other technology related device. Our process is simple; in order to provide you details of our services, we perform:

• A FREE network Assessment (usually between 10 to 15 minutes)
• A proposal is prepared based on the network assessment and needs of your business.

The following are part of our services included in this plan:

Proactive Monitoring

We will monitor your systems around the clock for errors & warnings to avoid major issues.


Proactive Maintenance

Routine Maintenance tasks are scheduled on every system to maintain good performance.


Managed Antivirus

We monitor, manage, and fix threats that appears in a regular basis.


Reporting, Tracking & PC Inventory

Weekly or Monthly reports can be generated to keep up with system status, in addition to inventory (Hardware and software information)


Remote Access & Support

Secure Connections to your systems are enabled to provide maintenance & Support


Patch Management

We perform scans and remediate vulnerabilities remotely and during off hours.

Additional Services includes:

• Backup Solutions

• Technology Consultancy

• Network configuration & installation

• Basic phone system support

• Cabling / wire runs