Security Camera Installations

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Virtual CNS understands how important security is for personnel and office surroundings. Besides Computer Services, we now offer Security Camera installations and maintenance. We use the latest technology in the market to make sure your business is safe and secure. Services include software installation, configuration, remote set up and mobile access. 

Our services includes Free Assessment to your home, office or any other environment that needs to be under surveillance. With this report, you will receive our recommendation and cost of the products and labor implementation. It is important to mention that Virtual CNS now provides our own security equipment (Security cameras and DVRs).  We are able to lower the cost of the hardware since we have no need to shop around with other vendors. We also work with other brands if you already have purchased the product. 

The installation services include:



Additional Services includes:

•  Camera Setup

• Cabling & Connectors installation 

• DVR Configuration

•   Internet Configuration to coexist with DVR

•   Advise on CCTV Technology, including 1080P and IP based Cameras

• Mobile Setup

• System Testing

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